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Dr. Cheryl Cullen Honoured by CVMA

Veterinary Ophthalmologist Awarded for Giving Animals the Gift of Sight

Dr. Cheryl Cullen has been honoured by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association for giving animals the gift of sight through her work as a veterinary ophthalmologist.
Board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists, Dr. Cullen was the sole veterinary ophthalmologist in Atlantic Canada from 2000 to 2005. She holds a U.S. patent on a shunt and surgical technique used as a drainage device for the treatment of glaucoma in dogs. This method has now been adopted by human ophthalmologists.
“My cat hit the feline medical lottery when he needed Dr. Cullen’s specialized services,” says Jennifer O’Donnell, whose cat needed eye surgery twice in a span of 13 months; once to remove a foreign body embedded in his cornea and the other when he developed a corneal sequestrum. “I cannot express the true level of gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Cullen’s sympathetic and caring manner.”
Dr. Cullen was a founding faculty member of the University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine. She has also been a faculty member at Western College of Veterinary Medicine and the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC). She has taught veterinary ophthalmology, veterinary ocular pathology and topics in veterinary ophthalmology and clinical communication. She also has offered continuing education pertaining to ophthalmological disease to veterinarians.
“Dr. Cheryl Cullen has had a positive impact in the small animal field through her service in clinics, education and research,” says Dr. Jim Fairles, 2012/13 CVMA president. “Her ophthalmology work has made a difference for pets and their owners in Canada and beyond.”

The Small Animal Practitioner Award, sponsored by Petsecure Pet Health Insurance, is presented to a veterinarian, whose work in small animal practice, clinical research or basic sciences is judged to have contributed significantly to the advancement of small animal medicine, surgery, or the management of a small animal practice, including the advancement of the public's knowledge of the responsibilities of pet ownership.

To listen to CBC interview with Dr. Cullen, please click here.

Who We Are?

CullenWebb Animal Eye Specialists

Our mission is to provide excellence in dedicated veterinary ophthalmology in Atlantic Canada: a collaboration between clients, referring and specialty service veterinarians.

CullenWebb provides compassionate and advanced care to companion animals with diseases affecting their eyes.

Our services are an extension of what a general practicing veterinarian can offer; thus, we are able to provide diagnoses and treatment plans to meet the needs of pets and their families.  Examples of diseases diagnosed and treated at CullenWebb include cataracts, corneal ulcers, retinal diseases, blindness, and glaucoma.

What people say about us

Before and after cataract surgery: Here is a great video provided courtesy and with permission, by Mr. Robert Short, a client of Dr. Cullen's.  he video clip demonstrates how his wonderful companion, Ditto, behaved before (upper left-hand corner inset), and after having cataract surgery.

It is always heart-warming to see how having vision-impairing cataracts removed can improve the quality of life of our pets.  Thank you again Mr. Short for allowing CullenWebb to share Ditto's video progress report!

Ditto - before and after surgery