CullenWebb Animal Eye Specialists (CullenWebb) is located in Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada.

CullenWebb is the only predominantly referral-based practice dealing strictly with ophthalmic veterinary conditions in Atlantic Canada.  The team-centered approach (client, referring veterinarian, and specialty veterinarian) is used to arrive at the most appropriate and timely diagnostic and treatment plans for each patient.  CullenWebb is completely paperless through use of IDEXX Cornerstone software.


Clinical Laboratory

We have in-house Abaxis clinical laboratory equipment for performing haematology, serum biochemistry, coagulation panels, and we have appropriate equipment for performing urine analyses and cerebrospinal fluid analyses.




We have a dedicated surgical operating room equipped with 2 surgical tables, a surgical microscope for microsurgery and a phacoemulsification system for intraocular surgery, especially cataract surgery.


Anaesthesia and Analgesia

We are well equipped to conduct appropriate and safe anaesthesia and pain management for each pet.  In particular, we have blood pressure monitors, ECG monitors, anaesthetic equipment (incl. inhalational anaesthetic equipment, fluid pumps, etc.), nerve stimulator device for neuromuscular blockade, spirometers, and warm-air recovery blankets.  There is a dedicated area for pets recovering from anaesthesia.

Animal Housing

There are dedicated, quiet, and roomy areas for different species while staying at CullenWebb.