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Ophthalmic Referrals

CullenWebb is dedicated to offering referral-preferred services in ophthalmology.

Referral of patients is not dependent upon prior consultation with a CullenWebb veterinarian. Upon completing referral appointments, the client will be instructed to return to their veterinarian for all other problems, though a CullenWebb veterinarian may require periodic re-examination of the patient for the presenting ophthalmic problem, as required.

All referral cases will be discharged with appropriate client discharge instructions and a referral letter will be sent to the primary care veterinarian in a timely manner.

Referral by your veterinarian is preferred, it is not mandatory. We do, however, request their contact information so that we may keep your veterinarian informed of our findings and about the progress of your pet's eye problems.

How does one schedule an appointment?

A referral form is filled out by the primary care veterinarian, and is faxed or e-mailed to CullenWebb.  Alternatively, and perferably, our online referral form is completed and submitted for any patient requiring referral.  After the referral is received at CullenWebb, a member of our staff will contact the client to schedule a mutually agreeable appointment date and time for their pet.  All referrals are triaged for urgency.  The primary care veterinarian will then be contacted by our staff to confirm the appointment date for the referred patient.

What if I want to simply refer for ophthalmic examination?

Given the CullenWebb’s mission, all patients referred for diseases involving the ophthalmic systems will undergo complete ophthalmic evaluation(s) prior to determining an appropriate diagnostic work-up plan. 

What should clients do prior to their arrival at CullenWebb?

•  When appropriate, have their veterinarian provide a referral form to CullenWebb
•  Bring any medication that their pet is currently taking

How does payment work?

•  Clients will be required to pay 100% of the lower end of the cost estimate upon arrival and any balance, if applicable, will be paid at the time of discharge of the patient
•   Payment is accepted in the form of cash, debit card, credit card (VISA or Master Card).  No cheques will be accepted.

NOTE: Please provide 48 hours notice if cancelling an appointment, otherwise a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.