Dog, Cat, Bird, Reptile, Other


•  Complete ophthalmic examination
•  Ocular cytology and biopsy
•  Ocular ultrasound
•  Electroretinography
•  Medical and surgical management of ocular disease
•  Surgical and medical management of ocular neoplasia
•  Eyelid reconstruction (entropion, ectropion, etc)
•  Distichia/Ectopic cilia removal
•  Cherry-eye surgery
•  Enucleation
•  Evisceration and ocular prosthesis
•  Glaucoma diagnosis, treatment, management
•  Cataract diagnosis, treatment, management
•  Ocular and ocular fundus photography

Inherited Ocular Disease

No referral is required for inherited ocular disease screening or consultation.


Testing for the following:

•  Brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) testing (inherited sensorineural deafness)
•  Other inherited ocular disease testing screens and genetic consultations (e.g. PRA, degenerative myelopathy, etc.)
•  Clinical research pertaining to inherited ocular disease


Why referral is preferred:

There are many skilled general practicing veterinarians in Atlantic Canada.   Rather than duplicate what a general practitioner is able to do, it is our intention to work with general practitioners and their clients in diagnosing and treating challenging or uncommon ophthalmic conditions.

Although referral by your veterinarian is preferred, it is not mandatory.  We do, however, request their contact information so that we may keep your veterinarian informed of our findings and about the progress of your pet's eye problems.


Other Services:

For more information regarding continuing education seminar opportunities (ophthalmology, communication), and BAER clinics, please contact CullenWebb.